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Tournament Rules

1. Each team must have a minimum of 3 registered players present on the court to begin play. Each team can have a maximum of 4 players. Each player can only play for, and be registered on only one team per division. All participants of the tournament MUST register at our command centre before they step on the court for a game.

2. A coin flip shall determine which team gets the first possession. The team that wins the coin flip can either choose to benefit from the ball possession at the beginning of the game or at the beginning of a potential overtime.

3. Each play must begin at the check line, which is beyond the 3-point line at the top of the key. Play commences after the ball is checked. At least one pass must be made before a basket can be made. In the situation where a team fails to complete a pass before scoring a basket, the basket will not count, play will be stopped, and the opposing team will gain possession.

4. The ball changes hand after each made basket.

5. On defensive rebounds and steals, the ball must be returned to the area beyond designated check point (ball must be “cleared”), player with the ball must have both feet outside of the check point line.

6. In out of bounds situations, play will resume in the same manner as a scored basket where the ball must be checked before play can begin.

7. Substitutions may be made after a made basket, or any official stoppage of play with the permission by the referee.

8. Every shot inside the arc shall be awarded 1 point. Every shot behind the arc shall be awarded 2 points. Every successful free throw shall be awarded 1 point.

9. The game ends when the 16 minutes running clock expires, or when one of the team scores 15 points first, whichever comes first.

10. Stop clock is in effect during the last minute of regulation time and last minute of the first overtime period. After any stoppage of play during the last minute, the clock resumes running once any player on the offensive team touches the ball after the check.

11. Each team has 1 30-seconds timeout per game. No additional timeouts are given in overtime period(s).

12. If the score is tied at the end of playing time, an extra period of 3 minutes will be played. The first team to score 2 points in the overtime wins the game.

13. If a team fails to have 3 players on the court after 5 minutes of the scheduled game time, the game is defaulted. A 8-0 loss will be counted towards that team in the standings.

14. Referees’ and court monitors’ calls are final; any dispute will consider as unsportsmanlike conduct in official’s judgment and can be penalized by a technical foul.

15. In the event of a technical foul, the opposing team will be awarded 1 free-throw, and possessions of the ball after the free-throw.

16. A team is in a penalty situation after it has committed 6 team fouls. Team fouls 7, 8 and 9 shall always be awarded with 2 free throws. The 10th and any subsequent team foul as well as technical and unsportsmanlike fouls will be always awarded with 2 free throws and ball possession. There are no rebounds for free throws; after the shot whether made or not, possession turns to the opposing team.

17. Fouls during the act of shooting followed by a successful field goal shall be awarded 1 additional free throw. player(s) involved in unsportsmanlike or inappropriate conduct during the tournament (on and off the court) will be result in immediate ejection of the entire team from the tournament without refund. Officials have the right to determine what actions are deemed unsportsmanlike or inappropriate.

18. Any player that receives 2 technical fouls during the course of the tournament will be ejected immediately from the tournament.

19. Deliberate delay of game will not be allowed. Refusing or delaying the “check ball” procedure, or refusing the call fouls are examples of deliberate delay of game. A technical foul will be levied on the player that deliberately delays a game.

20. Any complaints or objections in regards to a game must be brought to the attention of the referee/officials authorities during that game. Once the game is over and score sheet is signed by the referees, all results are final.

21. 3×3 Hoop Festival reserves the right to verify any players’ age. If a player is born on the first of January, they may still play in corresponding age category that is age appropriate.

22. Inaccurate information or inability to provide valid proof will result disqualification of the entire team.

Note: The above rules are modified and based on the official FIBA 3-on-3 Basketball Rules. Any amendments will be corresponded during game day.

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